Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rox Media Network Advertising Agency

ROX Media Network

Here’s What we do:

•Full fledge Advertising campaign including ATL , BTL and TTL
•Marketing and Advertising strategies
•Product Launching
•Sales promotion Programs
•Branding through TV serials, Video songs, Films
•Print Media ( Creative press Ads, Product shoot from magazine , Newspapers and Articles )
•Direct Marketing
•Internet Marketing ( Web designer, Web banner, E-mail Campaigns etc )
•Business Partner / Strategic Alliance programs
•Marketing Research ( Ad testing, Product/Campaigns feedback etc )
•Event Management ( Launching ceremonies, Stalls, Exhibitions, Musical shows etc )
•Television productions ( TVS, Songs, magazine show, Documentaries etc )
•Media Sales ad many more……



Sikandar Sami Joyia